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Secrets to Success: Sailing the Indian Ocean for over 16 Years
In the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives, Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa is most renowned for the fantastic House Reef that is filled with an abundant marine life just a short swim away from the shores. The marine life and the ecology, makes this one of the best destinations for SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling and Excursions out into the open sea.

At the heart of each excursion with Vilamendhoo, is the exceptional service of the Crew and Guest Transport team who continuously strive to provide a safe and enjoyable trip for guests. From the popular Ocean Discovery Excursion, to the scenic Sunset Cruise and voyages aboard the Gomafulhu Yacht, the Guest Transport Crew combines technical requirements with years of local boating knowledge to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

One such team member is Ahmed Shiham, part of the Guest Transport Crew at Vilamendhoo who has been with Crown & Champa Resorts for 16 years. With humble beginnings at Meeru Island Resort & Spa, Shiham has been awarded numerous accolades for Employee of the Month, including for the month of January 2018. Shiham offers insightful secrets to success in the Guest Transport arena and as part of the Boat Crew in the Maldives.

Born and raised in N. Henbadhoo, Maldives, Shiham started work at Meeru as a boat crew in February 2002, where he was renowned with repeat guests for his warm and friendly hospitality, as well as his technical skills. In 2012, he started work at Vilamendhoo as Boat Crew and Yacht Waiter for the Gomafulhu Yacht.

Shiham has spent over 12 years mastering the Gomafulhu and the technical detail involved in operating the yacht, which enhance his service and hospitality for guests to enjoy a truly unforgettable experience onboard. He says, ‘I have worked in the same vessel for years and I know every single detail about it.’

When asked what the most important aspect of working as a Guest Transport Crew Member, he mentions, ‘being attentive at all times to ensure guests’ safety and security while exceeding their expectations with the wonderful experiences and hospitality that we offer.’

Together, the Boat Crew at Vilamendhoo aim to exceed guests’ expectations with a personalized experience onboard their yacht, from the warm-hearted greetings and welcome drinks to the explanations and information about the places seen while on an excursion.

“The team I work with is like a second family to me and Vilamendhoo is my home away from home. The fantastic working environment is what keeps me motivated every day.”

Repeater Guests of Crown & Champa Resorts, specifically of Vilamendhoo and Meeru often request his great skills and company as a member of the boat crew along on voyages across the open sea. Shiham adds that he has been travelling back to Meeru each year as a request from certain repeat guests who go on a cruise around the Maldives.

In his spare time and when not out exploring the vast royal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Shiham enjoys a good movie marathon. His advice to young boat crewmembers is to be honest and fair.

“My advice for young boat crew members and those who want to join the Guest Transport field is to be honest, fair to employers, serve guests with your heart and try to be a well-disciplined role model for others in the department.”

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